“ What skills should I develop so that I can represent myself at good level ? ”

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Currently I'm pursuing a btech from a private university in Rajasthan, India
Research And Development Engineer, Nokia Technology Center, Inc. Philippines

Hi Somay,

Skills you should develop are all relative to the position you are interested in pursuing.

For example, if you would want a position as a software engineer then it would be great to brush up in programming courses and polish them.

Usually too, job postings will state which skills they want a candidate to have so it would be a good guideline to what companies expect.

If it's all too overwhelming now, my suggestion is to look at which positions you are interested in applying for and look for common skill denominators between them and start honing these first. It also helps asking around from your peers or friends who are freshly employed and ask them their experiences or how they prepared when applying for work.

Hope I was able to provide enlightening advice and goodluck!


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