“ What advice you give to someone like me, who is divided between Management and technical side of IT? ”

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I've done my academic path in Management and most of my professional path as well. But I have a passion for IT, on how to find solutions, translate features into benefits. I don't know if there is a job where I could use a bit of both and feel whole.
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Hello Rogerio, thank you for your message. That is a great combination and I´m sure it will bring you lots of success! Make sure you follow us on Social Media and create your professional profile in our external career site www.nokia.com.  I think you could combine your management skills with a PM role, for example, or a technical role in IT, leading a group. I´m sure there is a big room for you, so keep looking at our openings!

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Hi Rogério, thanks for your message. We have plenty of opportunities in our Amadora (Portugal) site for IT talents. Check them out: careers.nokia.com/page/nops-nokia-operat…  If you don't find the right job for you at the moment you create your profile, make sure you select the option to get notifications for new vacancies in the future. This way you'll always be informed of any opportunities in line with your career aspirations. Best of luck!

Rogério C.

Thanks for the tips.I will definitely will have a look at the job portal.
I've been researching about what is the job and core competencies of a Business Analyst and I found I've actually done it before. It's very attractive role as I really like investigating, structuring, build and defend business cases. Especially from a IT perspective.
And because it requires both a deep business comprehension and a ability to translate technology into tangible benefits, I think it has my name all over it.

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Hi, We have exciting opportunities in the following areas in our IT team:

Software & Technical Development
Solution Ownership & Architecture
Technical Support
Project Management
Business Processing

There might be something for you there!

Rogério C.

Thank you, once again for the support. I did find some positions for Business Process Analyst and support and applied to them.
It's really what I see myself doing and combines Management with IT.

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Rogério C.

Is there a "typical" profile for a Business/Process analyst? I'm not sure how much I'm in the threshold of that profile.

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Hi Rogério,

While Management and IT may sound like two different areas, they actually work very closely together. For example, any IT project will obviously require technical expertise to complete, but it's the organizational part driven by a Project Manager that ensures it's implemented smoothly and with minimum cost.

My path at Nokia actually resembles your story quite a lot. My first role in Nokia was that of a Solution Owner and I was a bit concerned I didn't have much technical experience to work in IT, as I moved from management/financial consulting company. As it turned out, there is a lot of roles that require business/managerial skills (like planning, budgeting, coordinating, relationship management, negotiation, etc.).

On the technical side Nokia does help to gain the required/missing knowledge or skills (technical knowledge, process understanding, mode of operation, culture, etc.). Moreover, it also provides a good network of support for new employees, so even if you feel you lack the experience/knowledge, there is always someone there who can guide and assist you.

Sandrine already shared above some of the areas you might want to explore and resources where to apply.


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