“ Can you describe what your typical working day is? ”

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to Inbar S. Cloud R&D Director, Nokia (NSW CloudBand)

Cloud R&D Director, Nokia (NSW CloudBand)

A typical working day usually starts with meetings with team members and team leads which are in different geographical locations (the group is spread over multiple continents and mornings are the best time slot to sync),
it is then followed by replying emails and discussions with the local engineers and leads about pressing issues around priorities, solutions to questions or problems that some of them are facing. around noon I mostly help with actual code and technical issues (I will never give up the hands-on approach).
In the evening there are usually end of the day syncs on progress made during the day and at night I sometimes also do syncs on critical items that are needed to be taken care of during the day of a different time zone.
It's hard work but extremely satisfying.

Maryam H.

Very good job


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