“ What does being one of the 10 Nokia Ambassadors across the globe mean to you? ”

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to Andrea N. Head Of Talent, Leadership And Organization Development, Middle-East & Africa, Nokia

Head Of Talent, Leadership And Organization Development, Middle-East & Africa, Nokia

I meet and talk to a lot of people every day both internally at Nokia, and externally. The majority of the questions I receive are about life at the company, how we work, my areas of expertise - talent management, leadership development, career-related questions, engagement. It is a great feeling when one can support others with their know-how, experience, and own unique perspective.
As one of the 10 Nokia Ambassadors, I get the opportunity to interact with anyone across the globe who has the same or other questions about Nokia, supporting their thinking and decision-making process with my own view, sharing why I'm passionate about working here that might provide more visibility on the 'Nokia experience'.
To me, this role means Nokia's recognition, trust, and empowerment that we commonly see around ourselves at the company in our everyday professional lives.

Krishna R.

In Nokia 10, I like to prefer a removable battery mobile phones. Because sometimes phone will over heating due to watching TV, learning education on you tube,playing games etc. you are manufacturing the plastic case cover. Aluminum is also not the perfect material to make a mobile device. It is impossible to use internal antennas unless plastic/glass ?windows? are used to allow signal in and out of the phone. As a result of making the device from metal, this Aluminium increases the rate of heat transfer from internal components to the air/hand. Aluminium devices are less durable, heavier made of poly carbonate. plastic cover case is a non conductor. It helps us to avoid low radiation of mobile phones. I like to prefer plastic case mobile phones.

Social Employer Branding Lead, Nokia

Hi Krishna, The Nokia Mobile team handles all phone related queries, we suggest you to also reach out to them! www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/support 


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