“ What is it like being a woman engineer at Nokia? ”

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Research And Development Engineer, Nokia Technology Center, Inc. Philippines

It is very intimidating at first to see that most of my colleagues are men, especially that there is this notion that men excel in Engineering more than women but I was glad to see that I was at par with my teammates. I appreciate it too that we understand and respect each other equally and that there is no sense of division caused by what your gender may be.

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I´m not an Engineer, but I can tell you that Nokia is committed to working on Diversity & Inclusion, from the recruitment process and all the way through development and career growth. We know there are some areas where the female population is smaller, but we would love to increase those numbers and we are working on different programs globally to make that happen.

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I am not an engineer so I cannot comment on that angle. But I think women engineers are very common in Nokia. In fact, I think NOT being an engineer (whether you are man or woman) is more uncommon. The tech industry is tilted in gender split towards majority male by far, so most often I find myself in a room full of men, being the only woman. I think in Nokia this is more a question of volumes of employees than attitudes; which I feel are quite neutral. But it does help that as a woman in this industry you absolutely have to know what you're talking about, especially if you don't have a technical background.

Head Of Technology, Nokia Mobile Network

As women engineer worked in NOKIA, I feel I could get equal opportunity for career development. In Nokia, I met many excellent females in technology areas, they developed very well, and gender diversity is quite supported. Simply saying, I always forget I am a women in the work, because we are truly equal.

Neha A.

To do better in the interview, which subject must be prepared?

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Hi Neha, be yourself, read carefully the job description and what is required, so you can demonstrate why you would be a good match. We like to hear about past experiences and achievements, so consider having those in mind. Kind regards,

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Hi Neha, I strongly recommend you also to follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Glassdoor) and to check our website and in particular the careers section to become more familiar with our company culture. Good luck with your interview!


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