Inbar S.
Cloud R&D Director
Job category Engineering & Science
Locations US

About Inbar

Key Experiences

From Computer Science Student to R&D Director at Nokia
I started as a Computer Science Bachelor graduate in Alcatel-Lucent (which was later acquired by Nokia) in 2012. As I got more and more experienced, I started to take more and more responsibilities inside R&D and progressed from a Developer, Senior Developer, Squad Lead, Principal Engineer, Team Lead to my current role as an R&D Director in the Nokia Cloud Infrastructure product unit.
I'm currently based in San Jose, California.

Current Position

I manage a group of engineers in the Nokia Cloud infrastructure SW.
As an R&D Director, I manage a group of engineers in the Nokia Cloud Infrastructure Software.
I manage a large portion of the product roadmap and R&D commitments for future as well as existing releases for our product.
I make sure we are delivering the right features with the right quality and design as well as ensuring we provide assistance to our support teams the best and fastest way possible.

Main Motivations

Working on the next gen technology and helping my team succeed.
What I like most about my role is that it allows me to help my team and many others to be more efficient and better at their job, as well as working on exciting projects that impact millions of people. My team's product is the cloud infrastructure on which Nokia's 5G solution is based.
Seeing and resolving a pain point or overcoming a challenge is one of the most rewarding things in this job, especially when I know that resolving those issues has such a positive effect on many people.
I also enjoy onboarding students and graduates and helping junior engineers in my team developing and growing in their role while being happy and proud of the work they are doing.

Top Advice

Set your goals high and work hard to achieve them
Always know what your career goals are, even if they evolve.
Work harder than anyone around you to achieve your goals, make sure your work is recognized and visible as well as your contribution to your group/team.
Work with others: teamwork is key in most projects and having good working relationships with your peers is sometimes the key to success.
Learn not only from mistakes but also from what was done right, success is usually something that is ignored as an opportunity to learn from.
Let your leader know about your goals, a good leader will help you to achieve them.

Greatest Achievement

I designed and created CBIS main application.
I created and designed CBIS-Manager (Cloud Band infrastructure Software - Manager) which is the face of our product today.
I developed it with one more UI engineer and now the entire R&D is working with this product as well as thousands of engineers across Nokia!
It is the first thing shown to new customers. it is the go-to tool for all customer services and delivery teams. It made my product unit scale from being able to support only a few cloud platforms to thousands within 2 years.
This makes me really proud!


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