Catalina G.
Talent Acquisition Manager - Americas Region
Job category Human Resources
Locations Colombia

About Catalina

Key Experiences

Discover opportunities to learn, shine, share and create!
When I finished University, I was not sure what my professional career would look like. I always thought that you go to University to learn "how to think", but my career path was not clear at that point. And so I had the opportunity to join a Human Resources Consultancy firm, and then I realized what my passion was.

During the last 15 years, I have been able to learn from different people, their experiences and their passions and learn from different industries and companies. I have had the pleasure to work in Fortune 500 companies, small companies, and start-ups. All of them taught me how to be a better person, beyond my role. While working in Human Resources, you get to know the company from its heart, both good and bad. You have to sharpen your abilities and soft skills. It has been an incredible journey.

Now Nokia has been the place to shine as a professional, share my knowledge and experience, and also create, innovate and design programs for our current and future employees. This role has been a true challenge from the beginning, as we were building something from scratch. 2 years later I can say we made it work, and now is the time to make things greater!

Current Position

I lead global programs on Talent Acquisition
2 years ago I started at Nokia as Talent Acquisition Manager for the Americas region. I was responsible to implement a new strategy and way of working. Nokia was just acquiring Alcatel-Lucent, and we needed to align internally on how things were going to work from that moment on. It was a great challenge, not only from the process perspective but also because I was able to hire an amazing group of professionals to work with me. It has not been easy, but I´m proud of what we have accomplished all together as a team.

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to expand my role and I´m currently leading programs and initiatives related to Talent Acquisition, Talent Attraction and Talent Development inside our Talent Acquisition organization. I recently developed a program to expand two major competencies in our global team and now working on some hot topics like Diversity & Inclusion, and Young Professionals development.

I'm based in Bogota, Colombia.

Main Motivations

Being able to expand my knowledge and contribute more
One of the things I like the most about working at Nokia and about my current position is that I get to work with people around the globe. It is amazing to learn from others, from their culture, from their experience, and share on a personal and professional level. During my time here, I have also been able to explore new areas and become a well-rounded professional.

Nokia is a place to challenge yourself, to innovate, to dare to be different and to stand out! I love what I do here and the possibilities I have to make an impact in people´s life.

Top Advice

Dream big and challenge yourself
There is no way to grow if you don´t dream big and challenge yourself every day. You have to stand out from the crowd, you have to dare and take risks. Invest time and be patient. Become excellent in what you do, and share your experience with others.

Greatest Achievement

Be part of a new chapter of the Nokia history
You can´t always say you were part of a new chapter or a new beginning.

Two years ago Nokia was going through a major acquisition. Alcatel-Lucent is now part of our company and we had to design and execute new ways of working inside our Human Resources organization. My main goal was to implement a new talent acquisition process in our region (think about more than 23 countries!) and making sure we didn´t have any business disruption.

Now, I can say we made it. During the first year, we hire more than +1200 people with the new mode of operation, and we were able to standardize our processes. The second year was about quality. I´m not going to say it was easy nor perfect, but we made it work and it´s something I´m extremely proud of!


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