Anni R.
Customer Transformation Lead

About Anni

Key Experiences

A wide variety of experiences!
From studying marketing and political sciences to working for an international corporation. My career started in purchasing and procurement and moved onto quality management and lean consulting.

Current Position

Customer Quality & Lean consultant
I am advising customers and internal stakeholders on how to improve, streamline and change their processes to become leaner and more efficient.
I'm based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Main Motivations

Travel & networking and adding value to our customers
Every customer project is a new case with new challenges and new people to meet. I get to see the business in action end-to-end.

I am also currently the president of the Nokia Young Professionals Community in Finland. This group aims to engage with young technology professionals (both inside Nokia and also externally), made up of x-business, x-culture individuals with various backgrounds and skill sets. We try to positively influence Nokia’s existing culture and way of working with disruptive and innovative ideas. Our ambition includes concepts like employer of choice for millennials.

Top Advice

Get as much variety in experience as possible, horizontal if necessary
Moving from different roles and organizations really gives you the network you need. With a varied, end-to-end business experience and network, you will always find somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody else. Not only good for your career but gets you information faster than anyone else. Don't be afraid to make horizontal career choices instead of only vertical ones.

Greatest Achievement

Helping my organization save millions of € yearly
As a Lean Six Sigma black belt, I am able to demonstrate operational efficiency savings and outcomes that are saving my company millions of euros. I also get to mentor and coach others in making their work better.

Being president of the Nokia Young professionals community in Finland is extremely interesting and rewarding.


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