Andrejs B.
It Program Manager
Job category Web & IT
Locations Germany

About Andrejs

Key Experiences

Expanding my horizon and not getting too attached to a single area
I started my career in management consulting and finance, before totally switching focus and joining Nokia IT. It was a big step and a big bet for me, as I felt very much out of my comfort zone doing so.
Nonetheless, it worked out for the best, as Nokia welcomed me with open arms and provided all the opportunities I needed to learn. The colleagues I worked with valued the experience, ideas, and points of view I had, even though my background was different.

Current Position

Making sure our IT environment stays stable and efficient
In my current role, I coordinate all developments and updates done to Nokia ERP environment, as well as make sure the relevant IT projects are implemented in a controlled and structured way.
I get to interact with many different people on a daily basis, each with their own ideas and points of view. Having so many experienced people around me really helps to learn something new every day.

Main Motivations

Multinational environment and mutual respect
One thing that really makes Nokia feel like a family is a collaborative environment where each person adds a new perspective to the topic and respects other points of view. I noticed that it's very rarely that idea or a project gets through in its original state. It's always a common effort to look at it from many different angles and add small details to it.
Coming from a small country, I'm still inspired by the diversity of people (nationalities, interests, experience, points of view, etc.) we have and the level of respect colleagues have towards each of these.

Top Advice

Get involved and be proactive as much as possible
The best thing about Nokia is that you're not bound by one single task or one team or even one area (I'm an example of it). Nokia values and supports the willingness to learn, change, adapt and grow.
With such attitude there are endless opportunities for personal and career growth - it's all up to the person to find out what inspires him/her, what he/she wants to learn and who he/she wants to become. From there Nokia will provide the support and guidance on how to do it (and often do it better), as well as opportunities for it.

Greatest Achievement

Improve the visibility of all ERP developments
I'm proud to be able to have streamlined the process of coordinating, tracking and reporting of current ERP developments, which reduced the overall cost for this activity by ~50%.
It is especially satisfying to know that this outcome came as a result of incremental 'innovation' initiatives, instead of major cost-saving projects. Over the years we've started many activities with the team to test out different successful practices other organizations do and left only those that we felt comfortable with.


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