Andrea N.
Head Of Talent, Leadership And Organization Development, Middle-East & Africa
Job category Human Resources

About Andrea

Key Experiences

My driver: being passionately curious
Growing up, I received books as presents for every occasion. More books led to more questions, wanting more answers. It was only natural that at my very first job I wanted to do more, my curiosity pushed me to get involved wherever it was possible with the goal to learn.
Soon I was targeting an international assignment. I believe in learning on the job and I wanted to learn 'global thinking'. The advice I once received was: "work hard and get exposure" which I followed rigorously and success followed. A few years later I found myself part of a team working on a global HR project, traveling the world: it changed my life!
After another few years, I was already being approached externally by other companies and I took a bold step of moving to UAE to one of the great names in the oil & gas industry. Why? Again because of curiosity to work in a completely different culture and in an entirely different industry.
Later I joined Nokia, and with this move, I found the company I was looking for.
I had a clear goal in mind, a regional or global job at a well-known multinational, a great team with a role modeling leader, motivating company culture and values, and a role where I could be myself. Today I can use my skills to design and deliver programs, interact with people and inspire them, and continue to be creative and remain curious. At Nokia, I certainly found all that I was looking for.

Current Position

I design and facilitate HR programs and make a difference
In my current role, I'm working in the talent, leadership, and organization development context in the Middle-East and Africa region.
In my role I support both HR colleagues and Line Managers in the region, enabling them to our global processes and programs. At the same time, it gives the freedom to add a "local flavor" to the programs by customizing them from a user-centric perspective to the needs, inspiring colleagues to learn and be better at what they do.
I'm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Main Motivations

Involvement and collaboration
At Nokia, I feel empowered. I'm regularly invited to collaborate on local, regional or global projects. I have great opportunities to develop myself and get a chance to join initiatives I'm excited about. We have a well-developed virtual environment that supports these collaboration activities and makes it easy to stay connected, talk, chat and share ideas and contents cross organizations and cross borders.
I can add my own 'personal touch' based on my experience, have the chance to brainstorm and work with others on what works well in specific focus areas, improve things where there's a need, and see the results of my work on the ground. Another motivating factor for myself is to notice that our knowledge and input is recognized and leading to further collaboration opportunities internally.

Top Advice

Know yourself
I have received lots of advice during my career so far. But what worked for me the most is when someone told me to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. Yes, it's important to improve on areas where we feel that we are behind. However what makes a difference is to recognize where we are strong. This makes it even easier to improve these skills because we have a natural curiosity about them already. In those contexts, we tend to read more, interact more, be involved more which all make us grow further. With growing comes recognition, motivation and potentially the next step in our careers. It's also important to align our strengths with the business. Ask yourself questions such as: "where is my strong skillset needed the most?", "Where can I make a difference?" At the same time don't be afraid of speaking up, don't be afraid of failure which is just another learning... but recognize the opportunities for contribution, for making an impact and for making things better.


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