Adam N.
Site Development Coordinator

About Adam

Key Experiences

Kick-starting my career with Nokia has lead to endless opportunities
While studying business at Carleton University, I had the opportunity to take a co-op placement at Alcatel-Lucent, which developed into an opportunity to begin my career with Nokia. During my four month placement, I had the opportunity to work within the marketing organization, which was a very valuable experience. I not only got to see what marketing in high tech was really like, but I also had the opportunity to really contribute and voice my opinion. This left me with a very positive image for the company. Fast forward two years (and one acquisition) later, I was back at the Ottawa campus to start my career with Nokia. Fast forward two MORE years, and I am still enjoying the endless opportunities my role with Nokia has to offer.

Current Position

Running programs to heighten Nokia's role in the Canadian ecosystem
Based in Ottawa, Canada, I work on projects and programs, internally and externally, that focus on making Nokia a key player locally. I collaborate with schools, students, government, charities, community organizations, and my Nokia Canada colleagues to ensure Nokia is well positioned in the Canadian ecosystem. This role gives me an opportunity to contribute in multiple capacities, which has been very valuable as a new grad. I've had the opportunity to sharpen a wide variety of skills, which has been very helpful in defining my future career path.

Main Motivations

I have the opportunity to build things from the ground up
Just as its technology, Nokia's role in the Canadian ecosystem is always developing. This means there are always different areas of interest to explore. Part of my role is exploring these areas to help determine where we want to spend our time and effort. When new areas are defined, the work begins from the ground up. And this is very exciting as you get to mold and develop these programs as you watch them grow and come to fruition.

Top Advice

Be flexible, creative, resourceful and always keep trying
In my time at Nokia, I've learned the importance of being flexible. As previously mentioned, I have the opportunity to work on many different projects in multiple capacities. I would not have these opportunities if I would not have learned how to be flexible and juggle multiple priorities early on. Coming out of school, it was difficult to learn how to be as flexible as the working world requires. Focusing on my creativity and resourcefulness really helped me learn how to be flexible. In my opinion, creativity and resourcefulness go hand in hand, as you need to be creative in the way you approach different projects which require developing very different skills, and you cannot do this without leveraging multiple resources. These resources can vary from tactics you developed working on other projects, to online tutorials, to the guidance of colleagues and everything in between. The most important thing to remember in all of this: never stop trying. Working in certain capacities may be easier than others, but you can't give up on those that are more difficult. The self-fulfillment and opportunities that come with harnessing those tougher skills are well worth it!

Greatest Achievement

Giving high school students an opportunity in the world of high tech
One of my greatest achievements while working for Nokia has been to develop and manage the Future Tech Summer Internship Program. In this program, we bring on students entering grade twelve to work alongside our engineering teams on real and technical problems. A lot of work was required to help get this program off the ground, as we needed to promote this both internally (to secure mentors) and to students. In the first two years, we have had close to 50 interns (with ~50% female), and we have a great opportunity to grow the program significantly this summer! Working on this program has been very special and rewarding. It is a great, and very unique, opportunity for these students, and it is always a pleasure to work with them, as they are very passionate!


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