“ How has Nokia employed business intelligence tools? What are the effects on the decision making process? ”

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Hello, I am a BI student currently doing my bachelor thesis on Business intelligence tools impact on decision making.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any insights on how Nokia has employed business intelligence tools and the effect that it had on the decision making process.
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We go through a huge amount of data on a daily basis and use various business intelligence tools to structure and analyze it. In IT, for instance, we base our conclusions on the data that these tools provide and this process often triggers very productive discussion and highlights areas of improvement.

Very often categorizing the data alone will reveal some of the patterns that occur in the process - some are effective patterns that we formalize into a standard process and try to replicate across various projects/team and some are inefficient patterns which we brainstorm improvement actions for. The great thing about business intelligence in big companies is that the data samples are so large, that basically any pattern we are able to spot is significant and is worth analyzing.

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thank you so much for your help


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