“ How does working at Nokia differ from working somewhere else? ”

Jacob W. asked a question in topic General
to Andrea N. Head Of Talent, Leadership And Organization Development, Middle-East & Africa, Nokia

Head Of Talent, Leadership And Organization Development, Middle-East & Africa, Nokia

When I look at an organization from the outside in, I'm always curious about the company core values and also how these are mirrored in everyday's professional life. To me, that is already a great differentiator from others.
My observation is that at Nokia we do live our values (Respect, Achievement, Renewal, and Challenge). Perceptions might differ which one is the strongest in our company culture, I believe that even if something is not (yet) perfect but if there are efforts being made in order to improve them, we are already on the right path.
What I personally notice as a difference from other organizations is that I can be myself, in fact, it is expected and accepted that I'm acting and behaving as myself and not trying to accommodate an interpretation of what a leader should look like. This is the most important aspect for me.
At Nokia self-development and developing others are key competencies for all. We have a great internal organization for learning that supports our development through multiple channels, and we have 300+ internal certified Coaches around the globe whom can be approached by anyone.
Our culture principles (Drive Dare Care) are also strongly embedded in everything we do. We are encouraged and empowered to initiate, drive things, collaborate, work as a team. We have everything at our hand to get involved in what we are interested in - let it be a local, regional, business group or global project; and through these, we can even create our own opportunities for exposure.


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